Vision—EDGE Story

About Us

EDGE (Education Drives our Greater Economy) is an initiative of Capital Crossroads: A Vision for Greater Des Moines and Central Iowa focused on improving education from early childhood learning through life-long learning. Under the leadership of the Greater Des Moines Partnership and the Business Education Alliance, EDGE is supported by private and public entities with an eye to the future and a goal of helping Central Iowa businesses secure the educated, skilled workers they need —now and long into the future.

It is important to all stakeholders that the initiatives focus on the impact of quality education, preparation and training throughout all stages of life for our citizens – from cradle through career.

EDGE is designed to address the critical need to solving the massive skills gap facing Central Iowa employers. Even during this time of high unemployment, industries such as financial, health care, advanced manufacturing and others report being unable to find a sufficient number of qualified workers to fill open positions.

Various elements of EDGE fuel one another to inspire students, teachers and parents with career opportunities in our community, and aid students in obtaining collaborative support to become a successful citizen.

Everyone involved with EDGE understands the importance of taking a proactive stance on educational issues. Hoping for the best in a laissez-faire approach won’t work, because other cities and states have already seen success with these initiatives.


The future economic stability and well-being of Central Iowa’s youth and families depends on the ability of private and public leaders to partner to build broader partnerships across entities and achieve higher educational attainment and create a more skilled workforce.

The goal of EDGE is to ensure that Central Iowa is more than ready to compete.