Employer Engagement


Greater Des Moines is the fastest-growing metro in the Midwest. The region has been recognized as a top place in the country to do business by the likes of Forbes. To keep the positive momentum, we must increase our talent pipeline and develop the right talent to meet workforce needs.

Education Drives Our Greater Economy (EDGE) aims to:

Ensure that 75 percent of Central Iowa adults have postsecondary certificates, credentials and degrees by 2025 that align with workforce needs.

We need your help.

Let’s improve our region’s odds that all citizens will have the education they need to effectively match their skill sets with workforce needs. Below are some opportunities your company can consider:


Encourage employees who have not completed any postsecondary education to get on track to complete a certificate, credential or degree


Where possible, provide industry training to learn skills that will improve their performance

Encourage tuition support or other ways to support employees’ professional growth that will foster loyalty and retention

Provide externships for educators so they have an opportunity to understand industries and can share information with students as they consider their own career path


Encourage your employees to become mentors to certified mentor ship programs
Create job shadowing for young adults to give them valuable exposure to work based learning and professional networks as they map their career pathways
Expand access to internships, apprenticeships and job shadowing that educates and motivates potential employees and can lead to workforce recruitment


Build smoother transitions from school to work via collaboration with K-12 schools so young adults can gain valuable skills while preparing for post secondary experiences
Promote and build partnerships between employers and higher education institutions to ensure clear links between post secondary credentials and career pathway job experiences


Raise awareness among employers regarding the 75X25 campaign, motivating them to become engaged in the community, with students, educators, etc.
EDGE is a community campaign to build a sustainable cradle through career talent pipeline for Central Iowa. Improving the educational pipeline is crucial to achieving a skilled workforce and human talent pipeline.
The campaign has been galvanized and mobilized by 140 private and public partners who recognize the role education and business play in building a sustainable talent pipeline.
Help us to ensure that every student and adult succeeds. Our economic future depends on creating a well-educated workforce. Become an EDGE advocate today; sign the EDGE pledge by visiting www.edge75X25.com!

Contact Mary Bontrager, Executive Vice President of Talent Development
for the Greater Des Moines Partnership

mbontrager@desmoinesmetro.com for more information.